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What the book contains?

Living the Better Covenant reveals the very foundation for your faith—how you can be assured of your salvation and righteousness. And how you can separate the Old and the New Covenant, separate between religion and the Gospel. And much more.

Examples and testimonies make the book easy to read and understand.

Living the Better Covenant is a complete leadership seminar by Mary Felde who clearly explains Scriptures that may be a bit difficult to understand. The insights she shares enables you to learn and then teach the Gospel of God’s grace and New Covenant truths.

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The perfect gift for a friend or family member!

Give the book as a gift to anyone who wants to learn how removing condemnation in their lives brings peace, security, confidence, and great joy.

When the big picture is clearly seen it is easier to understand the details.

Do people often ask you questions about your faith and you find it hard to quickly give good answers? Living the Better Covenant provides solid, Bible-based answers and is a great resource to anyone who desires more than yes or no answers to important questions.

Study together?

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Living the Better Covenant is a great resource to help groups discover more of what your faith is all about and to study the Bible together.

What is grace?

An entire chapter in the book specifically talks about what grace is and what grace is not. A balanced teaching on God’s grace provides crucial answers and establishes an important security through God’s Word.

About the author

Mary Felde is a worldwide preacher and missionary since 1996. She has started several Bible schools in Africa and has taught in churches, seminars, conferences and Bible schools on four continents. She currently lives in Norway and manages her mission work from there.

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What others say about Living the Better Covenant

In this book you will discover that Mary Felde has a way of revealing the truths of the New Covenant that brings clear understanding. Like the apostle Paul, she stays focused on bringing these truths out so that they can be applied to our lives effortlessly. I have had the opportunity to teach in pastors seminars with Mary in several nations as she brought these same realities and have witnessed the “ah ha!” moment as those attending became enlightened.

Pastor Mike Walker, Idaho, USA

This is a liberating book. As I travel with the Gospel in Norway and around the world I know very well that the pure Gospel needs to be heard and read again and again. The cry of my heart is that all preachers and leaders will partake in this liberating Gospel—the Gospel that freed me from myself and my self-effort. As I give this book to people who have received a portion of this teaching, it enables me to continually move on to reach new people. This book works as a missionary in a persons life, independently of me. This book tells what I might have used several days to tell and which I would love to share with every Christian leader.

Lars Kraggerud, Pastor, Norway

This is a fantastic book. It is very easy to read and the explanations are simple, yet profound. Several times when I read the book I became so excited that I had to go and read a page for my husband who worked outside the cottage. I desire to recommend this book to everyone I talk with. A great Christmas gift!

Kristin Ruud, Norway

The message in this book has changed my life, and I wish everyone could get hold of this good news. Mary has a unique way to present what she says both in a simple and thorough way, and therefore I am so glad that this book now is available. Read, receive it in your heart and be glad!

Sofia Bruno, Pastor, Norway

It’s an awesome book, and people so badly need to hear and receive this message of God’s love. We have experienced this amazing Love. It is a book that when you start reading it, it draws you in and you just want to know and read more.

Jackie Buchanan, Canada

Greetings from South Africa. My name is Sharon, you gave me the book Living the Better Covenant as a gift. I just finished reading it, and words cannot explain how free I feel inside. I am rejoicing, I am so blessed and encouraged. The truth of grace really sets us free.

Sharon, South Africa

This book has made a great impact in our lives (myself and my wife) and changed our perception on many issues. I have been a church leader for quite sometime though have never thought of going to a Bible school. But after reading this book I have decided to study more about these transforming truths.

Pastor, Kenya

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